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who ARE north star adventures

We are a registered charity with the sole aim to help children find their North Star. Through a range of outdoor education adventures, young people can build self-resilience and feel like part of a team. These experiences help them develop individual capabilities, competencies and essential life skills.

how do we work

What is the challenge that we are trying to solve?​ The urban world we live in is alienated from nature. The wonder and awe of playing in the mud, catching frogs, sitting under trees, musing about clouds or discovering the mystery of wildlife around us is replaced with the isolation of television, games and mobile phones. Yet, the evidence is clear. Nature is a wonderful platform for free play, creativity, discovery, and a real sense of self-belonging


In delivering programmes that help restore a connection with nature—and all the benefits associated with that—for adults, it became clear that children needed these opportunities as much, if not more. So we started North Star Adventures. North Star Adventure is a registered charity that ensures any child from any environment or economic level can be immersed in the outdoors and reap its benefits. But you only pay what you can afford.

What will the children get out of it?

The children gain self-esteem with confidence and resilience. A better connection and understanding with nature and the outdoors. Helping them to understand and navigate through life.

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Urban Rangers

The Urban Rangers Enrichment Programme works with Secondary Schools to help young adults learn valuable skills through reconnecting with nature as well as preparing them for the Duke of Edinburgh Award

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northstar - first aid and survival green

First Aid and Survival

The First Aid & Survival programme provides an in depth knowledge of emergency first aid as well as first aid at work. The survival aspect concentrates on base level survival skills through the use of minimal equipment 

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Camps for Kids

Our 'Camps for Kids' run during half terms and the summer holidays. We deliver a bespoke programme different to many camps and in all of our activities children are immersed in nature which makes for a really authentic experience!

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