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North Star Adventures is an outdoor education organisation and registered charity which aims to develop individual capabilities, competences and understanding life skills. Peoples development is lacking in certain key areas due to television, computer games, and an increased reliance on mobile devices. We aim to address this problem for the benefit of children and adults. 


North Star Adventures draws on a diverse range of skills to achieve our goals. 
Skills and experience across our staff and consultants includes:
  • Outdoor education instructors with in depth experiences from a multitude of backgrounds
  • A wide ranging portfolio of leadership, teambuilding and problem solving activities
  • Self defence techniques and fitness programs from experienced instructors from a wide variety of backgrounds
  • Coaching health, personal development, work/life balance.
  • High level applied survival skills for sea, temperate, jungle, desert, and high altitude environments
  • Adventurous training instructors for surfing, paddle boarding, diving, climbing and coasteering

meet the team

Jason website photo.jpg

Jason Hicks


Jason is a former member of the Parachute Regiment and Chief Instructor at the UK Survival School. He has worked extensively in operational and training environments. His particular interest is in expanding people's awareness of their individual capabilities and awareness of the natural environment through non-violent military techniques learnt during military service. 

Roy Ried


​Roy has been with Northstar Adventures you over a year and has been helping with introducing Urban Rangers to the  Hurlingham Enrichment Program. Roy has been in Fulham all his life and worked as a youth worker, boxing coach and manages the local youth club at The Hurlingham academy where he works full time.

He has recently agreed to run the Urban Rangers Program for the Fulham area.



Are your instructors DBS Checked ?


Where do the programs run?


How much will the programs costs? 


Can urban rangers work with my school?


Can this an after school club?


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